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Cute Ceramic Animal Planter (Choose One)


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walks in purple, at dusk
film, september 2014

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Sometimes when life gets too busy you just need to take a week off, travel, rest and reconnect. So I headed out to the west coast, drank lots of coffee, wandered through record stores and book shops, went on some hiking adventures and experienced life in some pretty awesome cities. 


Cinnamon Apple Strudel with a Flaky Phyllo Crust / Recipe

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Salad Stuffed Jumbo Shells




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Huckleberry Lemon Verbena Tea Cake {Gluten-Free}

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be patient and believe in the process of your understanding #yoga





A picture is worth a thousand words.

Thanks to Mercy for Animals for the inspiration.

I reblogged this just a second ago but I had to again because this photo is probably one of the most upsetting ones I’ve seen.

The thing is is that you see those pictures of the dogs enjoying the air and you’re happy and you think it’s cute because you know that they’re probably going somewhere awesome like the park or the beach (or maybe it’s the vet’s and that sucks but you know they’ll get lots of love and cuddles to make up for it).

But then you look at the pigs. And you think that that’s probably the only breeeze they’ve ever felt on their cute little snouts but they’re not going to the park or the beach or even the vet. They’re going to a slaughterhouse to have their gorgeous pink throats slit and drained while they squeal and cry and struggle because they’re dying, and all because you want ~~bacon~~ on your plate at dinner.

Fuck everyone, I can’t do this.

Go vegan.

 I sent this picture to my mom, she’s probably gonna be mad at me.

This is really powerful though.

Wow, this photo is so beautiful and so painful; it motivates me to work harder for the animals.